ZTI Solutions, LLC provides a comprehensive set of consultative, engineering, and architecture services. We employ an entirely vendor-neutral approach. In a product selection scenario, you can be assured that we will select or recommend the best product and not be swayed by vendor relationships or brand names. Our personnel maintain vendor certifications across the spectrum so that we can work effectively with nearly all mainstream infrastructure equipment vendors.

  • Information Technology Infrastructure

ZTI Solutions, LLC personnel are experienced in servicing all facets of network & infrastructure engineering engagements. We are able to design & build new environments from the ground up, as well as troubleshoot and maintain existing environments. Our vendor-neutral approach allows us to work with the equipment you have, without making recommendations that you purchase equipment we are familiar with.

We specialize in so-called “difficult” circumstances, such as multi-agency/multi-network build outs, and collaboration environments. We also have extensive experience with VOIP, encryption technologies (HAIPE, etc), Internet connectivity, and advanced engineering & troubleshooting support. We can also provide systems administration for Windows and UNIX/Linux environments, along with training services.

  • Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is vital to Commercial and US Government agencies. As the fifth battlespace, the Cyber environment presents a unique set of challenges with multiple known and unknown adversaries. Implementation of Cybersecurity within Government and Commercial entities requires a vast knowledge of both Governance and Regulations, as well as technical implementation. ZTI provides all aspects of Cybersecurity to any organization and brings senior-level expertise in policy and governance. ZTI also provides the technical expertise to assist in the full planning, development, execution, and maintenance of Security, System, and Networking devices from the external boundary to the individual host. Additionally, expert penetration testing and code review assist in securing software development and protecting the publicly facing devices of any organization.

  • Forensics & Incident Response

From a reactive perspective, we provide incident response and forensic services. Each such engagement is different, but we possess the tools and talent to bring them to a successful conclusion. We are able to conduct forensic analyses ranging from simple log analysis to complex in-place collection and seizure. Our personnel understand the law enforcement interface, and any evidence collected will obtained in a forensically sound manner so that it may be leveraged by law enforcement personnel should the need arise.

  • Assessment and Authorization

With over 50 years of combined experience, the Assessment and Authorization (A&A) team can meet any governance needs of your organization and leverage the experience with DoD and other government agencies to apply to any government or commercial sector requirements.

Within the A&A realm, ZTI provides expertise in governance, policy development, requirements research, and audit capabilities primarily focused within the National Institute for Standards and Technologies (NIST) Risk Management Framework (RMF). The ZTI Team is well versed in the DOD CC SRG as well as FEDRAMP Guidance for all cloud initiatives. The ZTI Team can work with organizations upon initial setup and deployment of a system to ensure policies and procedures meet regulatory guidelines as well as assist on the existing system to conduct audits or consult to ensure that the system can meet governance requirements upon the next audit.

  • Staff Augmentation

ZTI Solutions, LLC offers staff augmentation services that allow our employees to be your employees. Whether for a C&A effort, project-based consulting, implementation surge support or operational surge support, our employees possess the knowledge to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We provide the discretion to ensure that you remain in the driver’s seat with your client. With your company providing project management and client management, we work quietly in the background to ensure your success.

  • Static Code Analyses

ZTI Solutions has the experience and expertise to perform static code analyses using industry standard tools like Fortify SCA. Our security developers have extensive experience in integrating Fortify SCA and Fortify Security Center into existing development environments for a number of programming languages including: C++, C, Java, Python, C#, Ruby, and HTML/Javascript. We have the in-depth experience required to understand what findings are false positives and which are actual concerns. We work with the 25th Air Force to continually scan source code for new vulnerabilities and confirm remediated POAMs which maintains the Certificate To Field (CTF) status for every application used on operational DoD UAVs.

  • Docker Container Security

ZTI Solutions has secured and accredited systems for operations on DoD networks utilizing Docker containers. We have expertise with Docker security tools such as Twistlock and have even developed our own Docker agent for enterprise container visibility for a DoD customer. We understand how to securely configure the Docker daemon and images, Kubernetes, and the underlying operating system.

  • Software Development

When security meets software development you can’t find a better team than ZTI Solutions. It is extremely hard to find a group that understands all layers, from the physical network all the way to application development and how security applies at all layers. The ability to automate processes and security implementations can provide your organization with greater abilities with less manpower requirements.

  • Penetration Testing

Let ZTI help identify the vulnerabilities your scanners are missing. Our professional penetration testing team can assist your IT staff by identifying misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that cannot be found through traditional vulnerability scans. Let us identify the security weaknesses that are most critical to your network security, and ensure you prioritize resources to remediating issues that matter.

  • External Penetration Test

See what threat actors see. An external penetration test will help you understand your organization's external presence and risk.

  • Internal Penetration Test

How prepared are you after a breach? An internal penetration test can help you understand the risk you face after your network has been compromised by malicious actors or insider threats.

  • White Box Testing

Let us help you understand all of the risk by evaluating every aspect of your network without the limitations of a normal penetration test.